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Primex Investments Ltd. is a privately-owned Vancouver-based investment company with a diverse portfolio of assets. The company has approximately 50 shareholders, many of whom have been investors since Primex was incorporated in 1972.

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Investing Locally for More Than 45 Years


Founded in 1972 by Art and Judy Rennison, Primex Investments Ltd. was originally conceived as a way for the shareholders of Wesdrill Equipment Ltd., a diamond drill bit manufacturing company, to collectively reinvest the proceeds from the sale of their business. In the over 45 years since its founding, Primex has undertaken a variety of investments, both in real estate and in a diverse group of local and regional businesses including a newspaper, a heavy equipment dealer, and a sports team.

In recent years, the company's growth has been driven primarily by the aquisition of cash-flow generating real estate assets in BC, with a particular emphasis on multi-family residential rental property.

From 1972 until Art's passing in 2006, Primex was managed by its founders Art and Judy Rennison. Judy has since remained active in the business, and operations are now overseen by Art and Judy's son and daughter, Lee Rennison and Andrew Rennison and a growing staff.

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Vice President, Operations

Lee has worked at Primex since 2006. Before joining Primex, Lee was in executive search with a well known Vancouver based executive search firm. Prior to that, Lee worked in New York and in Sydney, Australia with a New York based management consulting firm. Lee's early career was in environmental consulting in Vancouver. Lee holds a BSc from McGill University and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Vice President, Investments

Andrew joined Primex in 2006. Prior to joining Primex, Andrew was a senior economist with the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, where he worked in macroeconomic forecasting and model development. Andrew has a BSc in Economics from the University of Victoria, an MA in Economics from McMaster University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


Office Manager

Judy co-founded Primex in 1972 and has been with the company ever since. She is responsible for oversight of administration at Primex.



Primex Investments Ltd.

Our investment decisions are guided by a few key principles. The first is that when we invest in an asset or a company, we are committing to it for the long term – we are not concerned with short term gains or a medium-term exit strategy. The prices of assets will rise and fall with the mood of the market, but our focus on the long term allows us to look through these swings in sentiment. Also, our view is that the fundamental long-term value of an investment lies in its ability to return cash flows to its investors. We therefore believe the best way to achieve exceptional long-term investment performance is to focus on the ability of a business to generate stable and recurring cash flows that have the potential to grow over time.


A second and related principle is our belief in ethical and sustainable business practices. We don’t believe that this focus impedes our ability to achieve long-term investment performance. In fact, we believe that an ethical and sustainable business model can go hand in hand with long-term investment performance.


Finally, we have a preference for investments that are easy to understand and have a proven track record of success. This often prevents us from investing in companies involved in leading edge technology or resource exploration, for example, and leads us more towards real estate and old economy companies with tried and true business models. We believe that by following this principle, we can eliminate a large source of investment errors, and better ensure the preservation of capital.




Primex owns a diverse mix of assets, with a particular focus on real estate. Primex's assets include apartment buildings, a hotel, public company stocks and bonds, and mortgages.


Multifamily Residential Real Estate

Primex has ownership interest in 1,600 rental units, in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. Our goal with our buildings is to provide safe, clean, and comfortable rental housing

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Together with a partner, Primex owns a 72-unit hotel and commercial building in downtown Vancouver. The hotel has recently reopened after an extensive renovation.


Other Assets

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